Special Cargo Features:

  • The VRU is specifically designed for moving aircraft with only a minimal need to disassemble the craft. Perhaps without removing the wings (depending on the overall size of the craft.)
  • A "Pickle Fork" attachment is constructed to attach to the landing gear, wings and / or fixtures at the spar. The Pickle Fork pivots to load the aircraft onto the VRU in ONE PIECE.
  • The wheel carriage slides to center the load on the bed.
  • The wheel carriage also flips over to provide a lower deck height. This allows easier passing under overpasses, wires and overhead obstructions.
  • A receiver hitch assembly is positioned at the nose of the VRU. This provides a mounting point for the portable electric winch and a positive hitch point for transporting trailers or other hitched vehicles.
  • The tong, bed, ramps, bed extensions & decking are all interchangeable & reconfigurable. This allows for significant flexibility when carrying not only aircraft, but cars and other more awkward payloads.

The Specifications:

  • The wheel carriage is equipped with 2 of 5000 lb. torsion axles.
  • There are brakes on the lead axle to provide a better stopping distance.
  • The payload capability is as high as 8000 lbs.
  • The wheels and tires are specifically matched to the tow vehicle for styling and to eliminate the need for an extra spare tire.
  • By removing the decking, easy access to the bottom side of the cargo and vehicles can be achieved. In this way the VRU doubles as a hoist.
  • A built in storage compartment can be used to stow tiedowns, the removable lights, winch equipment and other gear.
  • The tail lights, running lights, and brake wiring are all easily removable for reconfiguration, or to prevent damage during loading and unloading operations.
  • TERFLIGHT Solid State Lights are standard for the VRU.
  • 1" holes are provided at 2' increments along the edges of the bed. This provides attachment points for the wheel carriage, tiedown fixtures, lights or even side rails and walls.

Coming Soon:

  • A dump bed for full size pickup trucks is under development. This bed will fit on the VRU as an extension. This bed will have sides that stow inside for configuration flexibility, a roll bar, and hydraulic actuation. The ramps for the VRU will also attach to allow for easy loading and unloading.




Advanced Cargo Trailer

The First "Completely & Dynamically Configurable" Transportation System