FIRST AND FOREMOST, DUE TO THE RAMPANT ABUSE OF OUR RETURN POLICY BY SOME CUSTOMERS WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING ANY RETURNS ON ELECTRONIC OR ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS OR SOFTWARE & DATA BASED ITEMS THAT CAN BE COPIED.  PERIOD!  IT IS STANDARD PRACTICE IN MOST AUTOMOTIVE PARTS STORES TO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS.  This rule overrides all policy that follows.  We are SINCERELY sorry we can no longer supply you our VALUED customers with this convenience, but after 8 years of selling the SpeedChanger line we have had NO items returned because the product was bad or not operable.  We have had VERY FEW units returned because they were simply not compatible with the customer’s automobile and we have pretty much defined those cases.  (Contact Us with your exact application to be sure.)  In the same 8 years we have had a significant quantity of items returned electrically functional but physically damaged by customers beyond use.  We have absorbed the entire cost of these items to date.  The Profit margins on these items are extremely small and we can no longer afford to do this.  We now enjoy a wonderful reputation in this field as absolutely the state of the art.  We are comfortable that our 200% testing (we test each unit twice before it is shipped) has stemmed any possibility of sending you a bad unit.


Having said this… FORD Performance Passenger vehicles (not truck as we understand the issue) made since 2005 with the new 3-connector engine processor AND throttle by wire AND Automatic Transmissions ONLY, have transmission slip calculations built into the Engine Computer.  This Transmission Slip Calculation will log an error and force the transmission to shift improperly.  NO speedometer calibration is POSSIBLE on this type of vehicle by ANY manufacturer.  Do NOT purchase one of our items to calibrate this type of system.  No Refunds will be offered.

Vehicles that use all 4 ABS Wheel Speed Sensors as an input to the ABS module AND the ABS Module outputs a COMPUTER CODED SIGNAL for speed (not a pulse rate vs. speed signal… that is ok) to the rest of the vehicle, can NOT be Calibrated by ANY Manufacturer.  Do NOT purchase one of our items to calibrate this type of system.  No Refunds will be offered.

Again – We SINCERELY apologize to our ethical customers for this action.  We held out as long as we could.  We hope that the trust we have earned in the industry to date will still make our product your first choice for this difficult task.


TERF Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of TERF Inc. manufactured products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of original purchase. Products from other sources will carry their respective warranties provided by their manufacturers only, but will be warranted by TERF Inc. for a period of 30 days. If a product should fail to conform to this contract or to any warranty outlined herein, buyer's remedy shall be limited to repair or replacement of the nonconforming product or part(s), at TERF Inc.'s discretion. The warranty does not cover damages caused by physical abuse, misuse, unauthorized repair or modification, improper installation, inadequate maintenance, excessive or inadequate electrical power, surges, or other irregularities or operation outside of the environmental specification for the product. TERF Inc. offers no software or information warranty, expressed or implied. TERF Inc. accepts no software or information exchange or return. This warranty shall be in lieu of any other warranties, including but not limited to any warranty injury of any nature, whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special in connection with or resulting from the use of the product. This includes any losses caused due to default in manufacturing workmanship.  The products we sell are not authorized for use as critical components in human implant able devices, or life support devices or systems involving safety (including, but not limited to, Antilock Brake Systems), human or otherwise. A critical component is any component of a human implant able device, a life support device or system, whose failure to perform can be reasonably expected to cause the failure of the implant, life support device or system, or to affect its safety or effectiveness. Special Order items and Design Charges are non-refundable. Returned items will be charged a 25% restocking fee to cover administrative and other costs. This may be waived if it is in our determination that we have produced a product that has failed to conform to its intended function.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Money Orders. A third-party professional financial institution (Professional Merchant Services, certified by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and FMBS) receives credit card orders, on our behalf.  This is done over a secure web site and a copy of your order form will be forwarded to you by email, fax or regular mail. Due to a large volume of credit card fraud, your billing address and name is required exactly as it is indicated on your credit card account and will be checked thoroughly, with the issuing bank.  TERF Inc. has made every reasonable effort to protect your credit information and assumes no liability, expressed or implied, regarding the protection or unauthorized release of this information.

Products are generally shipped via UPS or US Mail. Priority deliveries are usually handled by UPS.  All Shipping and Handling fees are non-refundable.

Foreign Orders:
All foreign orders over $100.00(except Canada) must be mailed with an International Money Order or arrangements for a bank wire must be made. They are shipped via U.S. Airmail. You are wholly responsible for any custom duties, import restrictions, etc. For wire/funds transfer, please contact our office by fax or E-mail for our banking information. No Letters of Credit will be accepted.

Legal Status of Products:
It is the responsibility of the Buyer (not TERF Inc.) to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state and federal laws in regard to possession and use of any item in this catalog/web site. Consult your attorney regarding local, state and federal laws before ordering. By placing an order, the buyer represents that he/she is of legal age and that the products will be used only in a lawful manner.

Prices are subject to change. Product styles may vary. Michigan orders must add 6.25% sales tax. If tax exempt, please include a resale certificate. We assume no liability associated with product usage. The buyer is liable and responsible for any loss, damage or expenses of any kind, arising out of the use or misuse of the products. By placing an order, the buyer signifies agreement to these Terms of Sale and all other terms presented herein.


Exceptions can be made for any of these policies; you just need to talk to us first.


(This keeps us from confusing outbound product and inbound product.  Part of our strict quality assurance program you see.)

(So we know who it's from, what was paid, the receipt number etc)

(So we know what to do and why we are doing it!)

(So if the post office or carrier loses it- You'll be able to get your money back from them!)

(So if the post office or carrier loses it- You'll be able to get your money back from them!  AND this will make communicating with us regarding the exchange much easier.)

If you do not follow the instruction above, we will not know from whom the return package was sent or what to do with it.  We'll take our best guess, and you know how that works out, or we'll have to wait till you call to let us know this information.  We cannot accept collect or postage-due return shipments, and are not responsible for uninsured packages that are lost in transit. We strongly suggest that you insure you package.

Return Policy Details:
TERF Inc. reserves the right to issue an authorization number. Returns within 30 days, and for non-defect, non-compatible or technical difficulties are subject to a restocking fee. Absolutely no refunds after 30 days. No return will be permitted on any product that has been abused or modified in any way (except by our technical department). Modifications include the removal of, or attempted modification to identification labels attached to the product at the time of purchase. No returns, or refunds on Special Orders Items, software or information based items that can be easily copied and some test equipment.
An authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from TERF Inc. in order for the return to be accepted. The authorization number must be clearly marked on the shipping container and the returned receipt otherwise the returned shipment is subject to refusal by TERF Inc. All replacements are subject to stock availability. If a product has been discontinued, a replacement item of equal value or a credit for current value will be issued at TERF Inc.’s discretion. No liability is recognized for a waiting period or for a discontinued item. TERF Inc. reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any item that is returned incomplete.  Please note that we can only process returns and refunds for items purchased from TERF Inc. or www.terfinc.com.

No Refunds On:
Any item that has been used or opened, lights, tools, semiconductors or “raw” circuit level devices (unless package is unopened), batteries, special orders, information based items that can be easily copied and some testing equipment. If a return on these is needed, just email us first and explain the situation. Special Orders and Design Charges are non-refundable.
Please inquire on specific items first if you have any questions.
A restocking charge may apply on merchandise returned that does not comply with the return policy. We really want to fair about any returns, so talk to us if you have any questions.

Canceling an Order:
In the event that you need to cancel an order placed online, please call 1-800-975-1445. If we are unable to stop your order from being shipped, you may return it using the procedures listed.

Credit Payment:
Refunds for credit card or commercial account purchases will be credited to the original credit account number used at the time of purchase. Allow time for the credit to appear in your second billing cycle after the return. Refunds of purchases made by personal or business check or money order will be made by check usually within 14 days after the return.

Shipping Damages or Shortages:
Have the carrier note any damages upon arrival. Inspect all packages and check the packing list to determine whether or not there are any shortages. If so, let us know immediately!  If you receive cartons that are visibly damaged, please note the damage on the carrier's freight bill or receipt. Be sure to obtain a copy. Once received, keep the original carton, all packing materials and parts intact. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-975-1445 within 10 calendar days after receiving a damaged shipment, or as soon as you determine that a shipment is lost.

How To Return Items:
Simply indicate the reason for your return and if you want an exchange or a refund.
Include the packing slip or receipt or copy of receipt with your return AND THE RMA NUMBER.
Wrap and package the item securely.  Preferably in the original packaging and in the same configuration.
For your protection, we recommend that you use UPS, FedEx, Insured Parcel Post with delivery confirmation or another courier that offers tracking and insurance for shipment because we cannot be responsible for lost shipments. Claims for lost shipments must be made with the courier you used.
All returns must be freight prepaid back to TERF Inc. 
We cannot accept collect or postage-due return shipments, and are not responsible for uninsured packages that are lost in transit. We strongly suggest that you insure you package.
Please note that we can refund shipping costs only if the return is a result of our error.

Return Address:
Attn: Returns Department
3588 Plymouth Rd. #232
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2603

Problems, Questions, or Suggestions?
If you have any problems with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us.
E-mail: sales@terfinc.com
Telephone: 1-800-975-1445 or (248) 210-8009


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